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Say Thank You Like You Mean It

The importance of saying thank you is one of my deepest held beliefs. Anything someone does for you is a gift and it deserves acknowledgement. Especially if that person is performing a service, paid or otherwise.
 Being grateful for the service of others comes naturally to me, then, as I've been practicing it for years. I've been lovingly teased (and sometimes less lovingly so) for my relentlessness with thank yous as I'll keep going to make sure the appreciation lands.
 And yet as I practice gratitude with the writing of lists, I am starting to have to admit to myself that I'm not very connected to that feeling in those moments. It's a task and I follow the steps, but I'm not always sure it is doing much.
 Today I gazed out an airplane window at dusk and felt intense wonder and gratitude at being a part of this unimaginably large universe. At being sent by my company halfway across the country to solve big problems and forge deep connections with my colleagues. At being seated next to someone who needed help and having some kindness left in my tired body and mind to see that.
 I've felt that before in big and small moments but today it felt like I was finally getting that *this* feeling was gratitude from within. And it was golden.

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