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A Day in the Life: July 30, 2016

Raindrops on roses 5:45am The alarm goes off. After a week of staying up too late to watch the convention, the alarm has become merely a formality. I resolve to fix that....tomorrow.

7:36am Apparently everyone else has been staying up too late too. Rather than workout or journal, I start first with trying to walk the dog. He still hates the rain.

9:01am French toast with cranberry walnut bread from Vermont (via our freezer) is on the table. Scrambled eggs follow.

9:32am Breakfast is over and I have a minute with my not-so-secret love. I would knock my own children over for Iced Rose Tea.

IMG_184710:15am I resolve to enjoy the rainy day by dressing my daughter in her new Princess Awesome dino dress. She's got a future in fashion photography.

10:16am There is a potty emergency for the 3.5yo. He needs help with the toilet paper, even though the full roll is well within reach. The emergency ends with a toilet paper roll telescope and lots of giggles. (I'll spare him the humiliation of putting that photo out in public until at least his high school graduation, but do not fear - I have the photo.)

IMG_185710:45am We head outside to play in the garden during a window of sun. I realize just how lucky I am to live here.

IMG_186811:22am || I discover we aren't the only ones who thoroughly enjoy our garden. Glad to be doing our part.

11:58am || We shift our attention indoors. The kids happily play in the basement while we play at getting things done.

12:18pm || We realize the kids really are entertaining themselves and we are still combing through our iPhones.

IMG_18833:45pm Lunch and naptimes were such a blur that we magically find ourselves with two slightly wound up monkeys in the parking lot of Home Depot. (Note the massive doses of iced caffeine that accompany us constantly in the car.)


IMG_19026:30pm Dinner is served: whole stir-fried shrimp in garlic ginger oyster sauce, broccoli, yukon gold and fresh corn smothered in butter and basil from our garden, and fresh heirloom cherry tomatoes.

7:22pm More time on the potty (so many shots from this day are not-safe-for-the-internet). My children already close themselves into the bathroom to plot against us.

IMG_19078:18pm Latest toddler bedtime avoidance technique: Point Out My Elbows. It's so cute it will disarm her, at least for a bit.

I swear there was more. My older child went to bed and I did too. Somewhere in between I did something that was vaguely for my own sanity. There was a home improvement show on television. I love my nighttime skin routine. I considered reading a book. Living life while documenting at the same time wore me out. Until next year...

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