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Currently: January

Reading || Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, Wherever You Go, There You are by Jonathan Zabat Zinn, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. This is *a lot* for me, as I normally read one at a time. I've been so tired recently that skipping around helps. IMG_0707Writing || pen pal letters! I've slowly picked up the habit since the end of last year and I'm really enjoying it. February is InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month) and I have plans to give a monthly letter writing challenge another try.

Making || small efforts at creativity with mail art and doodles (mostly doodles) and drawing pictures for my kids.

Remembering || playing in the big snowstorm of January '16 with my kiddos. We got nearly 20 inches of snow (by my rough count) that required lots of shoveling (with a 3-year-old helper) and hot cocoa.

IMG_0747Focusing || on a shorter more meaningful to-do list. As I get stressed, I pile on to-dos and projects. Then I do none of them due to overwhelm. I'm combatting a bit of that so far by limiting myself to 3 big things and 3 little things. The rest goes on another list. Start....now.

Living || my word for 2016: Bloom. This year, it's all about starting where I am and bringing that very best self out into the world. To sparkle and shine and be open and just begin. It's about accepting that I'm in a pretty kick ass place right now. It's about accepting challenges and opportunities that come my way because I know I can handle them. And it's also about clarity - seeking it, creating it and finding resolution. It's about being really clear about the space I'm willing to inhabit and drawing clean boundaries where I need them.

Releasing || that which does not serve me. Comparison. Unrealistic expectations. Projects taken on in a mad rush of yes-ing everyone around me. My happiness and gratitude out into the world.


Planning || in public! Check out my new instagram, @seekingwhitespace, to see my bullet journal, planner pics, snail mail doodles and other random challenges I undertake in an effort to bring more creativity and connection into my world (two deeply held values that indicate projects that can stay).

A Day in the Life: July 30, 2016

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