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Planning December and 2016

Each December I feel a great push and pull between hibernation and powering up to start the new year. In a bid to accept both, I am looking forward to 2016, making plans in the spirit of play and staying open to whatever comes. For me, planning is a way to quiet the noise of the world's demands. I'm so knee-jerk responsive to external whims and requests (many happily - like the rugrats or my new job, others less so) that I can't always hear the important and internal over the urgent or external. So I'm keeping the planning.

I'm staying careful, though, about goal setting or attaching to any particular outcomes in any particular time frame. I have work deadlines. And the season at home guides the rest. I'm thinking through values and intentions and embodying those in each present moment. When the noise rises, I can circle back to my plans and keep my eyes on the prize.

  And so, naturally, I've come up with a system that works for me right now.

  • I still *LOVE* my GetToWorkBook. I use it to capture notes, daily to-dos and to break down projects into sizable chunks. I love the monthly review pages and setting three things for my month/week/day.  I don't tend to use the monthly view very frequently, but I like to input birthdays, trips and other dates when I think of it, using washi tape whenever possible.
  • Beyond my top three, I input to-dos into TeuxDeux and prioritize my day there. It's getting a bit clogged with undone tasks that carry over day to day (a blessing and a curse), so I'm practicing more letting go and focusing on what really *must* get done.
  • I also keep what a call a "shine journal." For now it is a monthly journal in a cahier moleskine where I keep my values-based intentions, track habits, do daily/weekly reviews, document funny things my kids say and other memories and what I'm reading/eating/thinking. I doodle, list and practice lettering. A little bullet journal, a little scrapbook, a little art journal. Finding inspiration from lots of planners on the internet like Boho Berry, for example.

I'm playing with pens and washi tape. I'm checking in with myself and my progress. I'm dreaming big and not bothering with any of it if I'm too tired or caught up in other things. A lot of play and intention in my planning to keep me sane.

I'll be sharing more about my planning system on Instagram while playing along with the #planwithmechallenge hosted by @bohoberry@prettyprintsandpaper & @tinyrayofsunshine.

It's the most wonderful time of year!

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