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Project: Food Budget || Week 11

Budget Review

  • FreshDirect: $68.50
  • Amazon: $53.80

Total: $122.30 out of $150

(We lost a week in there with posts, but didn't do much spending due to a family visit and a freezer inventory. The total was $80.84 if you're counting.)

Where the $$$ Went

  • Produce (all organic):
    • Avocados, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, a CSA share of random veggies to mix it up, prepared salad
  • Meat/Protein: None
  • Dairy/Beverages: Yogurt
  • Baby Food: pouches, jars, puffs
  • Packaged Foods:  None
  • Pantry Items/Miscellaneous: None
  • Baked Goods: None

What We're Eating This Week


Yogurt/granola, waffles, fruit, muffins made from my father-in-law


Leftovers as rice bowls, leftovers, a prepared salad with goat cheese and beets (and eating out)


Leftovers and kitchen clean up

How We Ate Last Week and What's Working

We ate mostly out of the freezer and did kitchen clean up last week. That meant a lot of meat sauce and pasta, grilled meats and side veggies. I completed a freezer inventory last weekend and realized that we really have more than we need in the fridge to go entire weeks without shopping. We can even shift to smoothies and other fun uses of frozen fruit to cut the berry addiction we have going.

We also had a visit from my in-laws through the weekend, which means that we were well fed and extremely well provided for (we even got gorgeous steamed carrots pre-prepared for my Little Bird. Grateful doesn't begin to cover it.). This has us very well set up to simplify over the next couple of weeks.

Goals for This Week

  • Eat what we have in the fridge.
  • Fill in this week and next with freezer items (including convincing my toddler that 'poothies [smoothies] rock for breakfast and snacks)

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