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Project: Food Budget || Final Wrap Up

And here we are...12 weeks later. This was an enormously valuable experience for me, with a lot of lessons learned. The biggest and best was just bringing awareness to what we are spending on food. Other lessons learned: We can totally spend less on food. I get antsy if we don't have certain food items in the house (milk, waffles, avocados, berries). Beyond those things, we don't need much if I give myself the room to plan and to check what we already have. Finding that space is challenging these days, but so so worth it.

I miss the creativity of use-what-you-have cooking. Pre-kiddos, cooking was a creative outlet for me. It has become a chore and a heavy responsibility in this chaotic season of our lives. Focusing on using what we have in the last couple of weeks has given me a break (no healthy-ness rules to follow other than doing our best). It released the paralysis of having the whole world of Pinterest or every cookbook ever to follow and it has given me the chance to just play in the kitchen. I so need more of that in my life.

I like public accountability. I haven't read Better Than Before yet, but I know for sure that I'm an obliger. Blogging with this group hit all my insecurity buttons (personal! navel gazing! money!), but it didn't matter. I didn't get every post right on time (or even every post), but I kept up with the project and posted most of the time.

I like blogging. Not food related and not that shocking of a discovery. On the other hand, did I mention chaotic season? I have so appreciated coming here each week and sharing this piece of our story. I haven't yet discovered what stories I want to share here over time, but I have reaffirmed that I get some joy out of writing and formatting and linking and sharing that story. I don't know what that means, but I hope I spend some more evenings on the couch telling stories.

And so I'm not sure that I will adhere or track quite as strictly, but I am going to carry this awareness forward. Here goes nothing!

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Planning December and 2016

Project: Food Budget|| Week 12