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Project: Food Budget || Week 6

Budget Review

  • Amazon Grocery: $70.66
  • Trader Joe's: $34.94
  • Fresh Direct: $42.36

Total: $147.96 (under by $2.04!) We had another visit from family with lots of food, so I took this month to stock up and fill the pantry, particularly for the kiddos.

Where the $$$ Went

  • Produce (all organic):
    • Blueberries, peaches, avocados
  • Meat/Protein: Deli ham
  • Dairy/Beverages: Yogurt, string cheese, yogurt snackers
  • Baby Food: This was the bulk of our purchases this month
  • Packaged Foods:  Chocolates
  • Pantry Items/Miscellaneous: Yerba mate tea, chicken soup, miso broth, chicken broth
  • Baked Goods: None

What We're Eating This Week


Yogurt/granola, muffins, fruit, hard boiled eggs


Leftovers, ham and cheese roll-ups, pesto pasta salad with feta and peas


  • Soy ginger roast chicken and Japanese sweet potatoes and greens
  • Grilled grass-fed filet mignon with green beans, wild rice and corn
  • Hot dogs, sauerkraut and baked beans with salad

Freezer/Bulk Cooking

Likely none.

How We Ate Last Week and What's Working

We ended up eating the beef and mushroom tacos last week pretty much all week. They were pretty tasty (I use Alton Brown's taco seasoning recipe, typically make double and keep one batch in the fridge) and could be flexible with salads, tacos, nachos, etc.

Our kids continue to be sick and not sleeping well, so the main thing that was working over last week was having my in-laws here to cook for us and stock the fridge. I am very grateful.

Goals for This Week

This week I will be getting a handle on what is in our fridge and cooking up as many things as possible. My goal is to use up what we have with minimal waste and to do whatever advance prep for next week's lunches that I can come Sunday.

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