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What's Making Me Happy (10 Things)

1. Sunshine after three days of rain. 2. A long walk at lunch in said sunshine.

3. Postcards from around the world! I've recently joined Postcrossing.com and I'm starting to receive some awesome postcards from exotic places. For that matter, all kinds of #happymail make me happy. Finding lots more of this in my life.

4. Getting our backyard set up for barbecues and summer picnics.

5. A stack of books from the library.

Library Stash 6. My closet. I've mostly completed a life-changing magic of tidying up and I love getting dressed every day.

7. A new planner. I'm cuckoo for planners. Mine is here and I'm already getting started on a really big project.

8. Little Bear's rapidly developing storytelling ability. Last night he was all about snowmen and losing hats and sliding down hills and a SNOW. BALL. FIGHT. (inspired by one of our favorite books Snowmen at Night).

9. This face.

Little Bird10. A little treat I picked up for myself as a reward for some exciting things happening in my day job. A reminder that the world is full of love and there is so much good out there. Reaching for the stars.

Inspired by a prompt from Mama Kat's Writing Workshop



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