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Sunday Lately: June 14, 2015

updating || my daily task list in Trello. I resisted using this program for to-dos because, in my opinion, it does not handle long lists of tasks very well. Trello is very visual and fluid, but once you have to scroll over or down, it feels clunky. Lately I’ve realized that long lists make me anxious and more than a little clunky. I’ve been much more successful in recent years as I discovered Agile Results and focused on 3 things per day/week/month. I found a couple of articles describing a set up that is working for me this week, even on the weekends, so I’ll see how it goes. reminding || myself that these are the days. In the crazier moments, I want to hold my breath until the kids are older, the house is less cluttered, our routine is more routine. Holding one’s breath is no life at all. And so I’m taking moments to be present and be in the chaos. To enjoy it while it lasts.

needing || to re-visit a separation from sugar. When my energy is low and things feel nuts, I grab chocolate. I tell myself a lot of things (dark chocolate is good for you, just one little bite, just one more little bite, just ten more bites) and then indulge. And I think about it All. The. Time. We may need a little break, sugar.


wearing || my stitchfix picks. I received a box of five clothing items picked for me based on a style profile questionnaire, my pinterest board (and thoughtfully, my LinkedIn profile) and some requests from me. The deal is you only pick what you like and send the rest back. My stylist picked five great pieces for me that I treated myself to as a belated birthday/mothers’ day present. It’ll be tempting to let them shop for me again, so I have to remember this was a special treat.

being || rather than doing. Thinking a lot about this. (see just be present and be in the chaos above)

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