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Project: Food Budget || Week 5

Budget Review

  • Costco: $9.95
  • FreshDirect: $65.60

Total: $75.55

The massive leftovers resulting from last week's budget overage has left us in decent shape for this week. Because of the holiday weekend, I also made a commitment to lean on that pantry and freezer again. In the next few weeks, I'll have to do a conscious re-building, so I may try to slim our budget use in preparation.

Where the $$$ Went

  • Produce (all organic):
    • Broccoli, cucumber, sandstone melon, strawberries, raspberries, mushrooms, figs (for mommy!), lettuce, garlic scapes
  • Meat/Protein: None (we'll be eating out of the freezer stash again!)
  • Dairy/Beverages: None
  • Baby Food: more pouches and jars for the kiddos
  • Packaged Foods:  None
  • Pantry Items/Miscellaneous: None
  • Baked Goods: None

What We're Eating This Week


Yogurt/granola, waffles, fruit, cereal and milk, cheesy hash brown casserole, hard boiled eggs


Leftovers, garlic scape pesto pasta with fridge clean-up veggies


  • Beef and mushroom tacos with avocados, refried black beans, cheese and lettuce
  • BBQ salmon (freezer), Japanese sweet potatoes (leftover from last week) and green beans (freezer)

Baby Food

Chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, yogurt, avocado, oatmeal, peas, turkey meatballs

Freezer/Bulk Cooking

Likely none.

How We Ate Last Week and What's Working

Favorites from last week: Summer pasta salad, grilled lime ginger flank steak (both Prepdish recipes)

We are still eating more lunches out of the house than I would like, but we did pretty well with eating at home for dinners. We did eat out a bit more over the weekend than I would have liked due to the way we scheduled our activities (but those activities included a carnival!).

IMG_7979To make up for convenience eating, I tried to balance less healthy meals with healthy snacks to make sure we got fruits and vegetables in there. In line with my ongoing goal to keep things simple, I tried not to sweat the small stuff and just picked up with good choices as soon as our next meal rolled around.

Goals for This Week

Our week will be much more simple since we have family coming in on Thursday, which will result in lots of meals either out or cooked for us. I have a couple of simple goals:

  • Before Thursday, stick with the plan and use up what we have in the house.
  • Take stock over the weekend and create a flexible meal plan for the following week since I'm not sure exactly what we will have in the house come Sunday.
  • Enjoy it! (Last week's budget blowout left me feeling guilty and a bit bad. Reminding myself this week that shame and guilt aren't the point!)

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