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My Not-So Routine Morning Routine

Everywhere I look these days, the secret to success/happiness/life/everything is to have a morning routine. It should be simple, but it also should have THESE 3/6/10/20 things that are CRUCIAL to success. I am fully aware that my day starts better and often turns out better when I can get up before my family and put in a little me time. I'm also fully aware of how challenging that is for me at this stage in my life because my sleep habits are not in a good place. Little Bird is not a good sleeper. Our best nights include one night feeding. Our worst (like last night) are better off uncounted. She doesn't take a pacifier with any regularity, so we pretty much have one method of soothing her: me (although her dad does a great job of trying to help, thankfully).

wishIdeally, I wake up and meditate, do some yoga, a bit of journaling, shower and dress, walk the dog, check my calendar and set some priorities for the day, eat some breakfast (alone! focused only on my food! not one kid or the other's leftovers!) and then get breakfast and bottles/daycare food underway. All before 6:30 or so when Little Bear takes the world by storm. No problem, right?

Today, I crawled out of bed infant in arms hoping it was early enough to just get us out the door and make my train. So today's routine included all of the above items that related to my kids with a quick calendar check to make sure I could responsibly take the later train that I was going to have to take no matter what.

Until we've made more headway on Little Bird sleep, I'm focusing on one thing that I can control to help my morning routine. My bedtime. One of these days, getting in bed early will result in getting up at 5am to get the rest done. Baby steps.

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