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Remembering|| Little Bird's first baseball game last weekend. It ended just minutes before hours of torrential rains. Little Bear was particularly impressed with the big apple (at Citifield), shouting "Apple means HOME. RUN." well into Monday morning. Playing|| with the Studio Calico May Card kit, Carolina Moon. I've wanted to get back into making cards for ages. It's one of those things that comes to mind when they say your passion is what you used to do as a kid. I'm not ready for the full subscription, but I love the inspiration that comes from having a whole kit.

Eating|| with family every day this coming weekend. Looking forward to it!

Practicing|| meditation! I got up a few times this week and sat. I've been using Calm app and using a kickstart module from This Epic Life. I'm working towards a full morning practice with yoga and journaling and a delicious smoothie, but I'm happy with 10 minutes of meditation and a gluten-free waffle sandwich to start.

Walking|| nearly 10,000 steps a day this week. I'm participating in the Global Corporate Challenge with my team at work and also some challenges with friends using my Fitbit. The group motivation is definitely moving me along.

Writing|| a little bit every day. I vacillate between taking it easy and pushing just enough to feel a bit uncomfortable. A little bit every day (most days) feels like just the right in between.

Going|| to bed by 10:30 every night possible. This is my one thing that I can do every day. What's yours?

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