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Don't honk at me

Don't honk at me (or holler or catcall or...). At worst, I feel threatened and unsafe. At best, I feel objectified and a little dirty.

Here's what I don't feel: complimented, appreciated, beautiful.

Even as a 36-year old mother with babies who don't sleep, grey roots and a permanent baby bump. Your honk isn't what lights me up, you know?

While we're at it, don't tell me to smile when you pass me in the street (if you need further explanation, see above). Don't tell me I would be beautiful if I smiled.

I know I have a beautiful smile. Along with a kind heart and a good listening ear, I consider it among my best features. And it's mine to give, not yours to take.

If you want to make me smile or feel noticed (in a good way) or just be nice, make eye contact and share your smile. We'll get a lot farther that way.

Just don't honk at me.

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