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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

The Lost Art of Letter Writing


No one writes letters anymore. Really, no one writes anymore. I'm not about to change that for the whole world, but I came across the #write_on campaign for writing 30 cards in 30 days for April (it happens to be National Letter and Card Writing Month...it's really a thing!). It was appealing as a challenge, but also as a practice.

So far I've written almost 8 cards in 8 days. Mostly to friends who just had babies or loved ones I don't get to see very often. I sent my mom a package of kid art and photos of her grandchildren who are very far away. These are all things that I've been meaning to do or wanting to do for ages.

As I get closer to 30 cards, some people out there are going to get cards to just say hi. I signed up for A Beautiful Mess happy mail to make my own mailbox happy, but also to make it more fun to just drop a note of love or encouragement or gratitude in the future. I love that this is the natural outcome and is a practice I hope I can keep up.

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