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Links I Love: Sunday Review

There is so much good stuff on the internet. Here is what' I'm reading right now: Unanswerable - thoughts on questions about baby loss. I'm trying to learn to accept the gifts from my challenges in life. Finding gifts in tragedy is extremely difficult. Is it possible? (I also love that this conversation came up between mama and child. I still haven't quite figured that out.)

Preparing for Happiness - on the lighter side, we all deserve happiness and should be prepared to accept it with open arms. Love this thought.

Betterment - I haven't signed up for this yet, but I'm starting to get serious about our finances. This is something I'm considering getting us involved with after our next family meeting. Found this (and a playbook for a family meeting, if I can get A onboard) at Words of Williams.

EverFocus - It took me months, but I just finished viewing this course and I'm having fun using this system to get more organized with this blog.

Blogging 101 - I'm starting to work from this to get me blogging more too. Be forewarned, it encourages stream of consciousness and then just pushing publish. It's coming.

Around the World Reading Challenge - I'm saving this link for inspiration of new books. I'm not ready for another reading challenge (just challenging myself to read two books a month is enough!), but there are so many good books getting read and written about here.

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