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Reading The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman, a recommendation for magical fiction from the Heart & Hearth circle. Remembering The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. So good. I picked it up as a What to Read if You Loved Gone Girl suggestion. It didn't disappoint.

Listening to back episodes of The Lively Show podcast and thinking a lot about living and acting with intention.

Writing 30 letters in 30 days for the #write_on challenge. You just might be on my list for a letter. Check your mail.

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Snapping pictures for the #aprillove instagram challenge. Because what I need is more 30 day challenges in my life. But I love getting these started and using them as an excuse to stop and take pictures more. And to share more from myself and not just about my kids!

Practicing yoga a little bit more each week. I'm still trying to get a regular morning routine under way, which is getting the tiniest bit easier as Little Bird gets a bit more regular in her wake up schedule (note: I would not yet call it a sleep schedule).

Playing the best games with Little Bear. He's starting to pretend in the best way. This morning, he was making me race cars and food while making very sure that I understood that race cars were not food. "Food is only for breakfast. Race cars not food, Mommy!" He was also sitting at A's desk "Making money, Mommy! Do you want money? Daddy wants money." My little Gordon Gecko, sigh.

Anticipating Easter and the kids' first Easter Egg Hunt. Little Bird won't be ready to participate, but I'm pretty sure my boy is going to love it.

Enjoying the soggy but warmer days of April showers.

Wearing shoes that are NOT fuzzy boots. My spring coat. Clothes from my spring capsule wardrobe: my most minimal yet (it's a process).

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