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Hello 2015

Never one to sit still when I should (or get busy when I should...), I've been using the last couple weeks of my Little Bird snuggle time to reflect on 2014 and plan for 2015. I've tempered my approach, but I have no doubt that 2015 is when I make things happen.

A little something I made happen in 2014.
The last several years have been about pregnancy and grief, pregnancy and joy, motherhood, work and home balance, trying to do it all and feeling like none of it is working right. I'm ready to pack some of that away and find a softer place for the rest of it. 
This year, I am committed to five master focus areas (credit to 18 Minutes), which consist of:
  • Nourishing myself.
  • Nurturing strong relationships.
  • Simplifying my home and lifestyle.
  • Engaging in meaningful projects at work and at home.
  • Prioritizing creativity. 
As I turn to goals and intentions for the year, I'm focusing my energy only on these things. I'm focusing my efforts on endeavors that light me up and make me feel how I want to feel (credit to The Desire Map, although I'm fine tuning my guiding feelings and will write more about that when I'm ready). And I'm getting really clear about how I want to do that in smaller chunks throughout the year (credit to The 12 Week Year). 
After much soul searching, I've chosen NOURISH as my word for the year. I went through every action word I could of to motivate myself to get a lot done this year. I considered MAGIC very strongly because that's how I want to experience. And I'm connecting more to the woo-woo magic side of life this year. But ultimately, I want to be gentle with myself in a way that promotes growth and nurtures connection. 
For me, NOURISH means to strengthen, build up. To cherish, comfort, promote, encourage, revitalize and develop. And to cultivate and seek friendship. This is what I want to do this year and how I want to do it. Strength and growth through encouragement and comfort. To reach out and connect along the way. 
To start this year, I am doing this by writing more, cleaning up and clearing out my house, and cleaning up my lifestyle (food, meditation and movement).
And so you'll be seeing a lot more of me here. My writing every day might be anything and not necessarily here (credit to Margaret Atwood), but I'm planning to flex that muscle here. 
In the spirit of nourishment and just getting creative, I'm not worrying about whether it all makes sense to put in this blog (or any blog). I started this blog to specifically track decluttering (a lifelong project, apparently) and then maybe made it a little bit about happiness. In the coming weeks, I'm going to be writing about the simplifying and the clearing out/cleaning up. I'm going to tell stories about my family, pontificate about small and big things, and maybe share some of the other creative projects I get into (One Little Word. December Daily 2014 if I ever get my album started.) and who knows what else. 
Hello 2015. I'm here and I'm glad you are too. Let's make magic
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