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Currently: January


watching Parenthood. Ah, this show! I don't know why I didn't watch it back when it started. I don't have to tell the rest of the world that I am in love with this show and I am devastated that it is ending just as I found out about it. I'm just about finished with the second season. I want to savor it. I want to take notes and file away to-dos (and not-to-dos) for when my kids get older. I don't want it to end.

reading as fast as I can (not fast enough). It seems like every book on my list came up at the library at the same time. And it was no small list. I finished We Were Liars recently and re-perused I Quit Sugar. The Art of Slow Writing is amazing, and I need to re-new it and give myself some time to savor that one too. Essentialism is up next, another one I need to give proper time. Other upcoming titles: Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal?, Love Minus Eighty, The Conscious Parent

listening to Serial. I know. Behind the times (see watching above).

making time for quiet and space for nourishment. I set up an extremely rigorous to-do list for the first 12 weeks of the year. I'm still hibernating and still needing to ease back into the world after having my Little Bird. I'm okay with this. I'm more than okay with this.

finding my pace and rhythm for the next stages of my life. I want to enjoy my babies while they are babies. I want to find the right rhythm at work.

eating (drinking) green smoothies, more veggies and limiting wine to the weekends. I want to feel vibrant. This means not eating sugar, cutting out gluten and starting to eliminate nightshades. It's so hard to get healthy in these cold days that scream for comfort foods, but it's feeling good so far.

feeling capable. At least 30% of the time. I'll take it.

planning to head back to work. I have less than two weeks until I bring my baby to daycare and start the working/pumping/missing-my-babies life again. I don't want it to be chaotic. I want to feel nourished and give myself breaks when I need them. So I'm taking some time to think through how I want that to look and feel.

IMG_6431writing a little bit every day. At least trying to. Some days it still is a line or two in a journal. I'm also doing some free writing and taking an online writing class called Writing the Womb.

loving yoga with my little bird. We've taken a few classes and it feels like it is reinforcing all of the things I want in my life and helping me let go of some of the less healthy things I think I want. Another thing I'd been missing in my life and am so glad to have back.


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