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Clean Eats: A New Beginning

I quit sugar. Again.

This time around I'm taking a lighter approach inspired by a group of Facebook friends and Revive by Dr. Frank Lipman. Starting January 1, I stopped eating any sugars or sweeteners other than fruit. For the first two weeks, I allowed dried fruit. I found myself bingeing on it quite heavily, so I'm avoiding that as well, at least for now.

I had intended to go whole hog and follow the I Quit Sugar program, but once again found myself struggling when Little Bear leaves half an orange or banana or peach around during breakfast. Let's be honest, his leftovers are sometimes my only breakfast (at least until the boys clear out of the house and then Little Bird typically wakes for a feeding and suddenly it's lunchtime and I'm a monster).

So far...so good. I thought about chocolate almost constantly for the first two weeks. I replaced my sugar cravings with sometimes entire meals of breads and nut butter or shredded wheat with milk. All in all, I was eating more and not always making great choices. That's getting easier. I'm choosing fruit and nut butters, veggies and hummus.
While I was working through my process, I came across Revive. I was first introduced to Dr. Lipman through Total Renewal and always liked his approach to cleaning up - eating healthfully, moving gently and sleeping well. Revive builds on that and in a lot of ways simplifies it into daily tasks that build on each other to get you cleaned up and energized.
I recently did food sensitivity testing (more on that next month), which suggested I should cut out almonds, gluten, nightshades and sugar. Except for the nightshades, I had suspected that each of these things had wreaked some havoc on my body, particularly my skin, for some time. My first suspicions arose during an elimination diet I tried using Total Renewal.
Long story short, I remembered Dr. Lipman as I approach cleaning up my food and fitness this time around and am giving it a go. I'm motivated and excited on Day 2. I made a smoothie with super green food powder and I'm already pretty solidly off sugar. He focuses on sleep and movement in the coming days and though sleep is an area I can't control just yet, I'm looking forward to the next six weeks with this approach.
Here is the smoothie recipe that kicked it all off for me.

Banana Berry Smoothie

1 mashed banana (fresh or frozen)
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 serving or 2 tbsp green food powder
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk (original recipe suggests almond milk or rice milk, unsweetened)
1/2 cup filtered water
4 ice cubes (I skipped them)
1 serving whey protein powder (I skipped this since I am nursing and made up for protein with a hard boiled egg)
Combine. Blend. Enjoy.

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