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November Book Report

I've gotten most of my reading recommendations from Elise Blaha Cripe's blog recently, so I find it particularly fitting that I borrow her format too. Given the craziness this month and my commitment to reading for fun, I'm not going to sweat the lack of originality.

My reading list this month:

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty: a light and emotionally engaging read, exactly what I've needed this month. (Warning: baby loss triggers.) The titular Alice hits her head and wakes up missing the last ten years of her life. She must confront her present life with the thoughts and memories of her younger self.

I am just hormonal and sleep-deprived enough to have come home in a panic once I started thinking about where my life could be in ten years, trying to predict some place that I couldn't possibly imagine now. Interestingly it also got me thinking about reaching back and remembering my relationship ten years ago. Were we so different then? What would happen if I looked at life now through those eyes? Worth reading, for sure.

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh: also a very quick and engaging read. The actual language of flowers is fascinating and secret and feels powerful and true in this novel. I found this story, however, difficult because even though the main character, Victoria, is very well written and feels authentic to herself, I wanted her to make different decisions. I'm also now desperate to memorize some key flower language and try to use it in my home. Beware guests and family members: I will work the magic! 

The Interestings by Meg Wollitzer: an expansive history of friendship between six camp friends from New York City a nearby suburb starting in the mid-seventies and jumping across time as recently as 2009. I keep finding myself reading stories with somewhat awkward (familiar) mousy brown- or red-haired teenagers, and loving it. This one was honest and touching, addressing some complicated stages of friendship and emotions in an authentic way. It's a longer read than some of the others I devoured this month, but I enjoyed the process and liked coming back to it each night. Also, I love the cover.
You're Not You by Michelle Widgen: I had a lot of resistance to this one. I've owned it for years and finally picked it up. It's fine. Didn't suck me in (nearly forgot it when other library books came in), but I did come back to it. I think what made it unsatisfying was that I never felt compelled to wonder what would happen next. Relationships changed and lessons were learned, but nothing felt surprising. I didn't connect deeply with any of the characters or story lines, which made it harder to get into for me. Not bad, but didn't live up to the others I've been reading recently.

Apparently it is also a film out this fall. Not sure why I have a total blank on this story. I'd be curious to hear if others felt differently.

Up Next..

And I've got Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver up on deck. As I start maternity leave, my intention is to work through some of the unread books on my shelf and then get back to the library for outings with my little bird when we're ready. I've staggered a request list from the library for the first few weeks of December to mix in that I can hopefully keep up with while I rest and recover!

What else should I add to my list? 

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