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On this Thanksgiving, I am comfortable at home with two precious lively children. I am surrounded by so much love for me, for them and pouring from them. I am so grateful.

I am also painfully aware of a big world of hurt, pain and conflict raging both loudly and softly outside. I am aware of mothers grieving for their sons, mothers worrying about how to talk to their sons and protect them or finally (hopefully) facing the privilege of not having to plan for that particular talk at all.

I am aware of the talks I will have to have with my daughter. Of the ways the world is making that even more crucial and terrifying and immediate. And already thinking about what that means for how I need to raise my son. 

My heart is full for the parents and children and people angry and scared and suffering. 

Today, however, I am also awash in the beauty of what I have been given. Of the life (and lives) I have created. 

Right now, I am piled up in bed with a sated newborn, a snuggly toddler who woke up too early and my husband serving as my matching bookend, keeping the whole act together and holding us close.

Right now, we are safe and warm and happy. Even sheltered, from the weather and the world. 

We will face that bigger storm too, but today, I'm holding tight the ones I love. And I'm happy. For that, I am grateful.

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