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Four Simple Goals (Before 2015)

Over the last few months, I've done a lot of investigation into what I want and how I work best in setting goals and achieving them. That in itself could be a whole post, but right now, I'm keeping it simple. 

Simple because, despite my tendency to pile on and complicate, I really want a life filled with ease and flow. Simple because in just over two weeks we're scheduled to meet the newest member of our family face to face (a baby girl! I'm not trying to be mysterious). Simple because that's what works for me. 
My friend Kaybee reminded me of the Four Simple Goals project we both did last year. As the year winds down and I'm facing some serious excitement over the holiday season, it seemed perfect. My overarching intentions for the year have focused on health, family and home. Fittingly, this is where I'd like to end up. 
The short version of the criteria: simple, activity (not results) oriented, personally enriching. reward yourself. blog about them. (from A Beautiful Mess)
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Eat Homemade When life gets crazy, we have a tendency to pick something up or stop in somewhere fast to eat. Our family is trying to be mindful about the budget and our health/food values, but honestly the budget often wins. I won't be commuting after next week, so that eliminates one time pressure. On the other hand, hello sleep deprivation and toddler/newborn chaos. To combat this, I've started packing our freezer with meals and collecting easy, healthy (and/or comforting!) crockpot meals to get us started while I'm recuperating. 
Capture Stories Every Day Last week, I participated in A Week in the Life with Ali Edwards. Taking pictures and writing notes about life with a toddler (hopped up on Halloween sugar no less!) was time consuming. It was also extremely rewarding. I love the quick list of stories I came up with one train ride home. So as our life changes over the next several weeks, I'd love to focus on doing what I can - do a quick story capture in my journal or an app (I liked Day One when Little Bear was new) to keep me focused on the amazing tiny things that are happening in my world (cue my word Shine - a great way to wrap up that process). 
Read for Fun When I was pregnant with Little Bear, I got a little motion sick when I read. I finally got back into my reading stride with the library after we moved. I spent most of the summer and early fall, however, reading productivity and goal setting books in an effort to feel more in control and organized. It actually helped, but I am now voraciously reading just for me (read eleanor & park. trust me.). Even in the chaos, I want to be sure I do this just for me. Even a sleep deprived mama recovering from a C-section with a toddler can squeeze in some good fiction. 
Make Something for the Holidays A woman needs a little ambition. I don't know what our holiday decorating or traditions will look like this year. It won't be my year to go all Pinterest, but I'd like to continue my small tradition of making something for the holidays. Last year it was super simple craft paper trees for our picture window (Little Bear thought they were trumpets and drooled on them - very good memories!). I'm not sure what it will be this year, my friends, but it will be something. 

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