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Currently: November

Making: my Week in the Life Album

Cooking: comfort food to stock the freezer for when Baby Girl arrives (leaning heavily on Not Your Mother's Make Ahead & Freeze Cookbook as well as Pinterest and Once a Month Meals).

Drinking: Lots of water. I'm so ready to drink anything but water!

Reading: I just finished eleanor & park and The Big Tiny. Both were quick and thought-provoking in much different ways. I'm about to start What Alice Forgot. I'm on a bit of a tear with reading and I love it. 

Wanting: quiet. Life with a newborn and a toddler will be a challenge, I'm sure. I'm ready, however, to step off the rest of the carousels I'm riding, if only for a few weeks. 

Looking: for book ends. 

Playing: in the kitchen with Little Bear. His own little kitchen that we just stocked with some play food (including a *wooden* cutting set - he's obsessed) and in our big kitchen. He helped add spices and vegetables into some sauces I made over the weekend. His new favorite is "my turn with the cooking?"

Sewing: nothing. But I seriously thought about getting an easy sew attachment for some future craft projects. Nevermind that I haven't sewed any craft projects. Or that I'm going to be pretty busy over the next several weeks. 

Wishing: all my wishes these days are just sending off love to all my little babies. It sounds a bit silly, but I'm feeling really content and I just want to focus on feeling love and happiness as the days go by. 

Enjoying: watching my Little Bear grow up. Not too fast, but man, this age is fantastic. 

Waiting: for Baby Girl, of course!

Liking: our downstairs freezer. It came with the house and looks decades old, but we finally fired it up this weekend and I'm so excited about having more room for advanced meal prep both for the next few months and when I go back to work. 

Wondering: what we're going to name Baby Girl. We actually call her Girl to each other right now and that cannot stick.

Loving: the sunny, blustery day we had this past weekend. Fall is gorgeous. 

Hoping: that I'll learn to sleep past 5:30am before sleep becomes even more precious. 

Marveling: at the passage of time. This year has flown by and yet the early days also seem so long ago. 

Needing: last minute items for bringing a baby home, but really, truly nothing much.

Smelling: nothing much either. We've all been trading colds and sinus infections back and forth, and my nose is already ravaged for the season.

Wearing: a cozy soft camel-colored tunic and maroon maternity skinny cords that have definitely gotten way too skinny.

Following: blogs more closely now that I'm actively using my Feedly again and organizing the emails I get using Google Inbox.

Noticing: the colors of the leaves aren't quite as bright this year as last year. I'm developing a theory that the first year you notice them sets up an unreasonable expectation of gorgeousness. That being said, the colors are pretty great in spots. 

Knowing: I can't rush the next one and a half weeks, so trying to focus on doing what I can.

Thinking: about too many things at once. Despite my general feeling of satisfaction and winding down, I am still in my old habit of jumping from thought to thought and trying to finish everything up all at the same time. 

Feeling: happy.

Planning: in the short term to enjoy this coming season and take things easy with my little family; in the long term, to get back on the blogging horse in a way that works for me in 2015.

Bookmarking: freezer recipes. I'm a woman obsessed.

Opening: last minute online orders for house items and baby items.

Giggling: with my Little Bear about just about everything. He used to go around the family and say that each of us was funny. This morning, he said "Mommy happy? Little Bear happy! Daddy happy! Murphy happy!" You had to laugh and be happy :)

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