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When You Need a Smile, Give a Smile

Today, I needed the Universe to smile on me, just a little. Nothing major is going on, but a lot of little things and in a world where work never stops, my toddler never sleeps and my house won't clean itself, some days are tougher than others.

Today, I needed the universe to smile on me, so I just gave in. When I couldn't get the pen to work when signing for my contacts, I laughed. The woman helping me laughed back. When the woman ringing up my sandwich had to go off and help someone else when I just wanted to get my food and get back to work, I smiled and told her not to worry about it. She smiled back. When I pushed and pushed on a locked door at the deli, the kind people helped me open the other side with a smile.

So today's tip on navigating the big old Universe from little old me, when you need a smile, give a smile. Even in the wilds of New York City, there are loads of smiles just waiting to come your way.

(And to all those who unwittingly helped the Universe smile on me today, a big thank you for making today just a little bit less insane.)

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