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Currently: February

Planning March 2014, which has come way too fast.

Looking forward to my first #30daysoflists.

Week 7: The Lost Art of Love Letters

Making more time for play with my Documented Life Planner and Journal52 projects.

Eating from our freezer next week! The prep work has finally paid off and I can meal plan straight from the freezer.

Wearing clothes that made the cut from my Project 333.

Freezing in this cold and dreaming of a trip to Hawaii.

Awaiting, so eagerly, spring. It can't come fast enough.

Finishing December Daily, finally! I am now slotting in the holidays cards we received, finalizing my journalling and embellishments. This was a long process, but so worth it.

Reviewing my family tree after being contacted by my great great grandmother's niece (my grandmother's cousin). I'm hoping to put together both sides of my Little Bear's tree in the next few years.

Watching lecture videos for the Moralities course that recently completed on Coursera. Fascinating issues of moral psychology and philosophy from a professor who also works with babies. Look out, Little Bear, I've got you all figured out!

Reading the myth of Amor and Psyche for a creative writing course I'm taking called Magic of Myth. And loving that they all came from my local library.

Warming my toes with my old-fashioned hot water bottle. Best purchase I ever made.

Hoping to get writing here more often.

Quitting sugar, again. Starting tomorrow. Really!

Feeling grateful and peaceful and in a really good place.

Loving my recent early bedtimes. Good night!

Baby Steps to Simplicity: Project 333

Shine: 2014