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Shine: 2014

Hello 2014! Just like that, we are on to the next one. I spent more time thinking about how I wanted to experience this year than previous years, and still stumbled on to my word at the very last minute. Naturally, the right word was not the one I carefully picked out last Fall. Instead, though it feels a bit cliché, this year will be all about Shine.

I was reading an email from Wild Sister Magazine that hit me square in the heart. "Decide to shine. Choose happiness every day." THAT is what I want for my 2014. And so my Shine this year is not so much about standing out or high performance. In fact, I want less of that striving for unattainable perfection this year.

For me, shining is all about clearing away the clutter (internal and external) to let the good that is already there shine. The way I want to shine this year is to zoom in on what is good in my life, enjoy the craziness and waste less time on what I think I'm not doing or what is missing. I am so lucky. I can choose to be happy about that every day.

Which isn't to say there won't be projects. And goals (desired outcomes, really). I have a lot that I would like to include in my life: creativity, a well organized home, healthy family (including healthy me!) and lots of learning. I'll also be thinking about how to nurture my spirit and my relationships.

As January comes to a close, however, I am already seeing how I need to actively guard my choice for less. I already need to slow down and give myself a chance to focus on letting it shine.

Let's do this, 2014!

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