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December Daily 2013: Cover and Day One

...And we're off! I am starting December Daily with hardly any foundation pages made. At first, it felt like that would sink the whole project. I am, after all, totally bogged down this season and so any advance work would help.

I did play with the album cover in advance. I was motivated by some of the other December Daily participants to paint the album white. I was keeping it unpainted in a bid for simplicity, but realized that I was intimidating myself. Ultimately this project is about more play as much as it is about memory keeping, and so I went for it - simple, but embellished.

I knew that I had a big event for December 1 (Guster at the Brooklyn Bowl for a family reunion - amazing!), so I started with a basic foundation page for my ticket.

Immediately after the event I found that my plans to lay some foundation were actually getting in the way. I had two great 4x6 photos, but the wooden letters down the side of my 6x8 page limited my photo space, unless I cropped one or the other of the band members out of the photo.

I got creative and tucked my journalling under one of the photos and created another journaling card around the elements I had already laid down on my ticket page.

IMG 3206Ultimately, I like how it looks and for a first attempt at December Daily document, I'm pretty excited.

I was able to make this almost on time due to a quickie photo order to my local pharmacy. I'm not sure that I'll be able to pull together too many printing jobs, so I may be actually laying out the photos for previous days over each weekend.

Here's to more December Daily adventures!

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