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Currently (or Taking Stock)

I am taking Blogging from The Heart, an e-course by Susannah Conway. I may be writing more about the course, and hopefully more in general, and so today I'm taking a list from a couple of the bloggers to drive my currently list, most recently by Marilyn at Soft Thistle.

Making: attempts at getting my "real" house in order. Moving with a toddler is insane. Adding everything else on top of it is even more insane. Cooking: precious little. I made us all eggs and toast this morning and it felt like a huge accomplishment. And a little bit more like things are getting back to normal. Drinking: a little red wine (Layer Cake, Pinot Noir) to settle in for Sunday evening. Reading: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. After not reading much while pregnant and in Little Bear's first year, I'm craving real books with a vengeance. Picked this one up yesterday to get me back into them. Wanting: some time in each of my areas of life to completely focus on just one thing. Work, home, family, me. Nothing is getting quite enough attention. Looking: at the television while I try to write. It's Football Sunday after all. Playing: we've been playing Uh-Oh with Little Bear for a week or so now. He thinks it is hysterical. It's adorable. And perpetual. Wasting: time. And stuff. I've been thinking a lot about how we can reduce waste around here. I'm forgiving myself for the craziness while moving, but hope to focus more in 2014 on getting back to the minimalist roots of this blog.Sewing: someday. Not in the near future. Wishing: for more time! Enjoying: the extra space we've acquired in the suburbs. Waiting: for Thanksgiving. And honestly, for the day after, when I can start decorating our new house for Christmas. Liking: the quiet of the suburbs. Wondering: what the house will look like when it is ready. Loving: the gathering we had today with four of the College-friends babies. All walking. All babbling. Not sharing. Hoping: to start crossing off our major to-do items from the list - appliance replacements, big furniture pieces. Marveling: at the amazing changes that Little Bear goes through daily, weekly. Time is flying by too quickly!

Needing: more sleep :) Smelling: winter. It's coming! Wearing: my favorite beige Kensie tunic sweater that I got two years ago in New Orleans. Following: fewer bloggers, pinners and tweeters as I try to really focus my attention on social media that enriches me. Noticing: the frost crystals on the windows in the morning. Knowing: that with patience, all will eventually be done. Thinking: too much about what isn't yet done. And about lettering, writing, journalling. Feeling: tired, but happy. Lots of love. Bookmarkingall of the lovely bloggers in my Blogging from the Heart course. Opening: boxes of books and getting ready to be surrounded by them! Giggling: at Little Bear stumbling around as he becomes more completely a toddler every day. 

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