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cultivate: fun (or Hello October!)

Way back in January, I set an intention to focus on fun during October. October is *all about* fun for me. Fall is here. Halloween is coming. And, of course, the most fun of all - Little Bear celebrates his first birthday! So. Much. Fun.

While I'm battling the perennial problem of being oversubscribed, I'd like to focus on fun in three ways:

  1. Celebrate Little Bear's birthday....simply.
  2. Pick a family activity for the three of us, celebrating fall. 
  3. Keep the spirit of fun in mind. 
In birthday celebrations, I'm trying to apply what I've been learning this year about simplicity. I dreamt for months about the perfect birthday party with hand-crafted everything and perfectly thought-out details. Now that Little Bear's birthday is almost hear, I'm going with the flow. We're having a friends party at a local place and letting them handle the details. We're having a few smaller family celebrations instead of one big one...because it's easier on me, and works better with competing schedules. Easier? More fun!

At the risk of overscheduling, I do want to prioritize a little family adventure along with our big family and friends adventures. I'm not sure yet if we'll go pumpkin picking or just play in a park for a few hours (or house hunting, since that's what we're spending most of our time on these days).

To maintain some lightness in all of this, I also wanted to approach the whole entire month with the spirit of fun in mind. We have a lot of hard work in front of us as we plan a move (or two!), sell our place, buy a new one, start projects, finish projects and take classes (we're MOOC-crazy in our house...). I get so bogged down in being busy that I forget that I signed up for all of these things to HAVE FUN. And so I'd like to be mindful of that this month.

And with a look ahead to all of the projects going on, I'm going to be focused on:

  • Creativity, Innovation and Change (my current MOOC in which I am working on developing a writing practice and writing a 10,000 word autobiography).
  • Journal Your Life (an e-course by Susannah Conway that has really inspired me and directed my creative energies).
  • Gifts of Imperfections e-course with Brene Brown. This hasn't started, but I am SO excited. Art journaling and one of my favorite books that I've read ever. 
  • My usual panoply of some-times projects: Life Book, One Little Word and Project Life. And my art journal outside of the specific coursework. 
Is that enough? I'm looking forward to this month and will have more to say on how to balance my quest for simplicity with all of these projects and courses I keep signing up for. So for now, October: be kind!

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