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4 Simple Goals (Before 2014)

I came across the 4 Simple Goals post over on A Beautiful Mess yesterday, and it struck a chord. I can't refuse a challenge or a list or a chance to set intentions. I've gotten *so much* better at refusing challenges and classes and projects as we are focused so much on moving into our new house and closing out the old one.

This goal-setting exercise spoke to me though as a really nice way to close out my year of Cultivate, and to do it within the craziness that is my life right now. The purpose is this: to challenge and remind you to create healthy, life-enriching habits during the busiest time of the year. Really, Elsie is thinking about how to cultivate the life you want over the next several weeks. And given that things have been even-busier-than-usual around here, a focus on healthy habits is crucial for me right now.

And so, I'm going for it. In keeping with the rules (to paraphrase: simple, activity (not results) oriented, personally enriching. reward yourself. blog about them.), my 4 goals are:

  1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day: we have been eating mostly junk food for awhile now as we work through this move. Little Bear is, of course, getting more vegetables than we are, but the grown-ups are starting to feel the sludge settle in our bodies. This is a reminder to eat fresh as much as possible as we close out the year. 
  2. Organize the new house several hours each week: I want to make sure I organize and tidy the house a little bit each day, but we're really tired and some days are going to be hard. Even though this is one I will be doing anyway, I want to remember that it is okay to take a day or two off, as long as I pick back up and get extra done later in the week.  
  3. Decorate the house for the holidays: I don't want to set the bar too high this year, but I am SO excited for holiday traditions and having a little more room in our own place (a tree! wreaths! centerpieces!). As long as I get some decorating and holiday cheer going around the house, my life will feel enriched.  
  4. Keep journalling: I want to do something that is just for me. I have some creative projects going for the rest of the year, but even those are to-dos and may be picked up and put down whenever I have time. I want to focus on my recently re-booted journalling practice as really important to keep me sane as things get crazy. It's not always easy for me to carve out time just for me, but this is a way that has really helped over this year. I don't want to set a requirement for timing, since it doesn't have to be daily, but I just want to keep doing it. 
I'll check back in on these throughout the next several weeks. 

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