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It Happened at Day Care....

The hardest part about being a day care parent is that it all happens at day care. Am I right?

When Little Bear's teachers told me about other parents who vehemently refused to be told any developments their child experienced, I laughed and assured them I wasn't that type. Nonetheless, they had the look in their eye that knew better. They knew better than to push that envelope unless I was begging for details.

And I respect that about them. They kept up some of the illusions that my little guy only hit milestones on evenings and weekends. I was able to completely believe in that mythology.

Until the first time Little Bear crawled.

Believe it or not, it wasn't the teachers who ruined my delicate house of cards. As I walked up to the day care door, one of the other parents came barreling out with his daughter in the Baby Bjorn. 'I saw Little Bear crawl," he shouted.

And that very day, Mr. Bear and I made a rule: if we haven't seen it, it doesn't count. On that very day, we became the parents we didn't think we would be: the ones who deny that anything happened at day care.

This post was prompted by Mama Kat's Writing Workshop:
3.) It happened at daycare.


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