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On Capturing Moments

I left the house this morning to walk the dog and sadly realized I didn't bring my phone to take pictures. What if I missed something?

I'm constantly torn between wanting to capture and crystallize everything that is beautiful and memorable, even those beautiful mundane things I might have missed, and giving myself the freedom to just walk around and notice.

In many ways, memory is a burden these days, different from our childhoods when pictures were more precious. And yet because digital photos make it easy to capture everything, it starts to feel like we have to, or else we'll forget.

Already, the crisp (or foggy for other reason) memories of my newborn Little Bear are fading as we make new ones. My brain is doing its own job of protecting the most important moments, and for those everyday ones, we have oodles of pictures.

I'm grateful for these photo challenges like the August Break because it brings out all of the beautiful things that I am too busy to notice on an average day (right now I'm blogging while walking...no noticing going on here). But I want to be sure, too, that as I focus on simplicity, I'm taking the time to just notice. And to remember the joy in finding beauty in the everyday, without having to capture and remember each individual thing of beauty.

So far, I am enjoying using the theme of the day for August Break to notice all of the little details - the yellow, the circles. Translating that joy into a picture is an added challenge - how to best reflect the wonder at finding something beautiful and interesting in the ordinary landscape of my life? This is the challenge I most look forward to as I learn about framing, processing and filtering images both pre- and post-shooting.

For now, my focus is on seeing. The rest will come.


Close up