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The Voices that Surround

I haven't completed the images for One Little Word May yet. But I have spent the time to listen to messages and words around me. A few popped up right away that will flesh out the page when it is ready, but today I heard the voices of the universe again.

I spent a lot of time thinking about perfection today. My fascination with it. My complete avoidance of using it as a label for myself. Because I'm nowhere near perfect. The difficulty I put myself through because of it.

In response to a reminder that no one is perfect, my response today was that someone somewhere must be. That if I kept trying, maybe I could be. And it hit me. Even in trying to accept my imperfection, I try to do it perfectly.

In that flash, I remembered that the perfect is the enemy of the good. I took that flash and made an art journal page. I just took five minutes with some pens on top of a page is previously created by spilling paint. No pressure, not perfect. Just what I needed.

This may even be a work in progress since the white space here is calling me to be embellished. That's the part I like best about art journalling and mixed media. I don't have the knack of it yet, but layering and constantly changing the page allows for a lot of play as long as they are done in the right spirit.

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