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Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Sugar

I had several girlfriends over for a jewelry brunch on Sunday and one, who is the mom of a toddler, asked me, "Isn't it hard to quit sugar while nursing?" Yes. But it's actually harder to quit while hosting a brunch for a number of your friends and feeling like sugar-filled items are practically required.

That's no one's fault but my own, but alas. I planned a healthy menu with lots of cheese and protein and vegetables. And then panicked at the last minute and got some parbaked scones from FreshDirect and loads of berries (thankfully lower in fructose than other fruits). I got juice because a ladies brunch needs mimosas, and Coke Zero because some ladies might want a diet soda.

And then no one ate the junk. The fruit went over pretty well. But I was left with 7 of 8 scones. A refrigerator full of scones. And an unrelated pile of stress (including, but not limited to, stress related to nursing and my angel child who has forgotten how to sleep through the night) has made it impossible to turn away.

Those scones were fantastic quick breakfasts shoved into my mouth (along with fruit) while chasing after my kid with the other hand. I haven't opened any juice yet, but our neighbors just gave us their CSA share for the week, which included two jugs of beautiful raspberry apple juice. It feels like I deserve that juice. (Don't worry - the soda doesn't speak to me. That is a demon I conquered quite some time ago.)

So I'm stepping back a bit this week. Last week went very well. I should celebrate that success as well as be honest with my need for some flexibility. I went a full week with no sugar. I haven't had chocolate, candy bars or typical commercial processed sweets in a couple of weeks. So this week, I'm going to have some juice and fruit, and come back to the full monte of quitting sugar next week. For now. Sigh.

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