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Reading: I'm a little bit all over the place on books these days, although the books are all in the same vein. I'm reading Minimalist Parenting by Christina Koh and Asha Dornfest, May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein (a childhood friend of mine, actually), Living with Uncertainty by Pema Chodron and I'm dipping my feet back into Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I am definitely focused on cultivating a more peaceful life for myself and didn't quite realize how glaring that is through my reading material. Each one has different things to offer, but they are all helping me recognize the abundance of good things in my life, and to both combat my own issues with scarcity and be kinder to others who may be struggling with the same thing.

Listening to: This morning, I started listening to the TED Radio Happy Hour podcast on Why We Collaborate. The first portion is about Wikipedia and how it got started. As for music, we've been jamming out to Raffi on Pandora and the Songs to Raise Your Kids To station on Songza. Until I get my iTunes library set up on my new computer, I'm extremely reliant on internet radio to keep my kid dancing!

Eating: It is too hot to cook, so I busted out the crock pot yesterday and made some taco chili with grass-fed beef and whatever I could find in the pantry. We'll be eating those leftovers tonight. Little Bear has been very excited about the baby meatballs I made for him. We're also budgeting a lot more strictly these days (or trying to) and so I've been trying to bring lunch and breakfast. Today, not so much, so I'll be hunting up something relatively frugal but still healthy in the very near future. 

Thinking about: My mind has been racing in the past few days. Little Bear has been sleeping so much better this past week (all thanks to his Dad taking the front lines for awhile), so I feel like my mental capacity has jumped by at least 50% (let's not get carried away). My reading really reflects most of where my mind is going. I'm also thinking a lot about the upcoming anniversary and birthday for my son Aidan. There is a lot of sadness and emotion going on that I am contemplating writing more about here if I can get comfortable.

Watching: I'm not gonna lie. I'm watching Pretty Little Liars and Mad Men on Netflix. I'm in the third season of each (I think). I'm anxiously awaiting a free moment when I can get my husband focused on Season 5 of Dexter. We don't have much time for TV with the Little Bear floating around, but when we watch, we watch hard.

Bummed out on: I'm bummed out on (so not the right degree of emotion, but I'm going with it here) all of the places I see courtesy, kindness and love missing in the world. All around me, it seems like people are pushing and shoving and racing to gather up all of the space, time, money and resources as if there weren't enough out there for everyone. It's not okay to stare at pregnant women on the subway without offering them a seat. It's not okay to storm past people carrying small children or people struggling with stairs just so you can get where you are going 35 seconds earlier. It's never okay to shoot someone who isn't holding a gun (I'm looking for a world with no guns. If you know of one, please send my way.). I'm bummed out on the state of the law and sometimes the state of humanity.

Loving: I'm loving watching my Little Bear become more aware and engaged every single day. He notices EVERYTHING. He wants to touch EVERYTHING. The curiosity is contagious and I want to notice more and experience more of the little tiny everyday things that he finds fascinating. It's beautiful.

Grateful for: I'm grateful for all of the people out there who prove me wrong about those things I'm bumming out on. I'm grateful for the tough looking macho man who makes kissy faces at my son, just as I'm about to apologize for Little Bear touching and kicking him in a too close subway. I'm grateful for all of the people who DO get up for us and insist that I sit down, even when I tell them we'll be okay. I'm grateful for the woman in the subway station who pulled out her Nook and read Little Bear The Elephant's Child while we waited on a too hot bench. This, too, is all beautiful.


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