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1. Eat a Meal in All 50 States

Here are all of the states in which I've eaten a meal (with notes if I remember, links to posts once I get to writing things up more often). Bold means I've visited the state.

  1. Alabama - Greasy delicious barbecue in a smokey place filled with college kids. The first place I encountered with rolls of paper towel and whole loaves of sandwich bread on the tables.
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas - Travelled for business and ate barbecue from a tasty place near the offices. Also visited the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Museum.
  5. California - Too many to count. 
  6. Colorado
  7. Connecticut - Notable meals: PePe's for pizza, Abbot's for lobster rolls
  8. Delaware
  9. Florida - Also too many to count. Best meal is probably my mom's marinara (aw!).
  10. Georgia
  11. Hawaii - Favorite things to eat: grass-fed Hawaiian beef in any form, fresh fish, fresh pineapple, anything near Hanalei Bay.
  12. Idaho
  13. Illinois - Deep dish pizza, of course.
  14. Indiana - I visited Purdue University for a conference while in college. I can't remember what or where I ate, but I was there for a whole weekend, so I must have eaten sometime!
  15. Iowa - Visited Cedar Rapids for a wedding. Ate dinner in a divey sports bar full of University students.
  16. Kansas
  17. Kentucky - Hot Browns in Louisville!
  18. Louisiana - A delicious amazing weekend of food: beignets, po'boys and grilled oysters among the standouts.
  19. Maine - Of course, lobster right off the boat and in many of the delicious local establishments. And brownie sundaes with mint chocolate chip ice cream. 
  20. Maryland
  21. Massachusetts - Too many to count. Always with good friends. 
  22. Michigan - Does the beef jerky store count? It should. Also ate chicken chunks at Mugsy's Sports Bar and Grill in Monroe, MI. Don't judge. The best restaurant in town on a local website was listed as White Castle.
  23. Minnesota - A handful, but Lord Fletcher's on Lake Minnetonka stands out, of course. 
  24. Mississippi - My first Waffle House. Yum!
  25. Missouri
  26. Montana
  27. Nebraska
  28. Nevada - Several dining establishments in Vegas, of course. The buffet at the Bellagio is still my favorite. Ah, the butternut squash ravioli.
  29. New Hampshire - Could I pick a favorite? 4 years of college leads to lots of favorites, both high and low (mostly low). 
  30. New Jersey - First one that comes to mind: Italian sausage sandwiches on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights. 
  31. New Mexico
  32. New York - Couldn't name just one.
  33. North Carolina - Visited Durham a few times. Enjoyed barbecue in a couple of places. 
  34. North Dakota
  35. Ohio - Stretching the rules since we ate at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It was a meal, and it was in Ohio. But I'm sure we could have done better if the target was to really try local favorites.
  36. Oklahoma
  37. Oregon
  38. Pennsylvania - Cheesesteaks. Naturally.
  39. Rhode Island - So many favorites. Black Pearl chowder. Anything at Scales in Newport. That little breakfast place in Little Compton. 
  40. South Carolina - Ate BBQ at Sticky Fingers, among other meals. 
  41. South Dakota
  42. Tennessee - Grand Ole Opry dinner with girlfriends, not to mention wine tasting outside of Nashville with convenience store snacks. 
  43. Texas - yielded to co-workers preference for a fancy seafood restaurant in Houston over barbecue against my better judgment. I should have listened to my gut.
  44. Utah
  45. Vermont - Anything made with fresh Vermont produce or local animal products. Cheese! Maple syrup.
  46. Virginia - Seafood in Norfolk. 
  47. Washington - late night french fries in Seattle, great burritos in the U district (fuzzy memory strikes again). 
  48. West Virginia
  49. Wisconsin
  50. Wyoming


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