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The Week in which I Quit

Because things have been a little hectic around our house in the last couple weeks (who am I kidding...that's normal), I took an extra week to reduce the amount of sugar I've been consuming and increase the healthy fats and proteins in my diet to help ward off the hungries. In particular, I found mornings hard since it is way easier to grab a muffin (or even to plan ahead and bake muffins) or have a PB&J than to think about putting together eggs and vegetables or have some other protein and vegetable laden breakfast. 

I almost got to thinking that I had, for all intents and purposes, quit sugar enough to stop where I was and just go on like that. Especially when I picked up Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook (it sounds impossible, but it exists) and I thought I could eat that way forever. Then I specifically read the part where she suggests you put that book down immediately until you've made it to Week 7 of her program (the one I am following these days). 
So, I thought, I can do the four weeks that I committed to originally. Then came Sunday's picnic in the park. A lovely friend is a lovely baker and she made Brown Sugar Butterscotch brownies. As a grand farewell, I took two nibbles and passed the rest on to my husband. Had they been chocolate, I would probably have lost all self control right then and there. Instead, I felt proud of myself and re-committed to these next couple of weeks. 
And here I am. To prepare, I made mini-frittatas with swiss chard and bacon. I stocked the fridge with fresh goat and ricotta cheese. I have pepitas activating on my kitchen counter (we're really entering a new world for me here) and loads of nuts and oats to make a no-sugar granola to eat with yogurt. I even have chia seeds. I've also stocked up on veggies and hummus so I can feel like I'm snacking (Ms. Wilson assures me that I might not need to snack when this whole plan is through. I remain skeptical). 
On Day 1 of Week 3, so far so good. I've eaten the following: 
Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs, local pasture-raised pork breakfast sausage from upstate new york, ginger white tea
Lunch: crispy chicken cutlets, a variety of steamed and roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, bocconcini
Snack: herbal tea
Dinner: local fish with tomato saute, haricots verts and brown rice
Breakfast is hard without fruit. It doesn't feel healthy without fruit and it doesn't feel like a time to have vegetables. Once I break out the frittatas tomorrow, I'm sure I will get the hang of a quick veggie-filled breakfast. I'll also introduce some chia pudding and refrigerator oatmeal to eat on these hot mornings. The jury is still out on those. 

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