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I'm Quitting Sugar

A lot is going on around here in terms of clearing space, making time and making plans. I will get to those shortly, but I have other sources of accountability, so I don't feel as compelled to create some publicly.
I am, quite simply, addicted to sugar. Mainly in the form of chocolate, but there is very little that I don't like. In recent years, I've prided myself on using less and less of the refined stuff. But I still soak my morning yogurt with honey and reach for chocolate that sells itself as dark whenever it is in a 20-foot radius of my mouth.
Recently, I've used nursing as my excuse to eat as many calories, empty or rich, as humanly possible. Too often, though, that comes in the form of something quick and sweet to make sure I'm not going without completely.
So, I'm quitting sugar. I was getting closer and closer but never committing until a friend of mine mentioned an Australian woman's 8-week program to quit sugar on Facebook. I looked into it and it seemed like the kind of thing I could get into, especially with a friend's support. Her review of chia pudding, which I have yet to try, sealed the deal.
Last week I had an amnesty week where I finished my birthday chocolate, that bag of chocolate chips for baking, the sugary granola and the quick caving in to the 4pm candy bar. This week, I lessen my intake and try to be mindful of all the places I crave sugar to ward off my weak areas.
What I ate today:
Breakfast: pumpkin muffins made with maple syrup and apple purée
Morning Snack: last packet of McCanns maple and brown sugar oatmeal
Lunch: chicken cutlet, spinach lasagne, sautéed veggies (some with a sauce that must include sugar), low-fructose fruits (kiwi and blackberries)
Afternoon Snack: chamomile tea
Dinner: mapo tofu and white rice (homemade with small bit of honey for full pot), zucchini with balsamic vinegar
Dessert: homemade apple purée
So, every meal today had some form of fructose-laden sugar, except my herbal tea snack (hardly a snack, but I chose it over the company candy dish or a trip to the convenience store). If you had asked me before I wrote it out, I would have said that I did pretty well today. That shows you how bad it was before.
My goal is to make better choices each day this week. I'm going to hard boil some eggs and make refrigerator oatmeal without maple syrup (pumpkin purée for sweetness: can you tell I have an infant at home with all the purée?). Dinner will be the same for another day or two, but I can work on the latter portion of the week. I'm planning on trying a chia pudding later in the week.
I might just check in every day with a food diary. And to celebrate the small successes. With the exception of the broccoli and cauliflower at lunch, the sugars I ate were part of my efforts to use up what we have. Not bad considering I was shoving all kinds of candy in my face all last week.
I'll write more about the plan I'm following including links later in the week. I did no research on the best plan, and just wanted some plan. So here I am. Week one.
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