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One Little Word

I'm also linking this up to Mama Kat's Writing Workshop since her prompt matches this post and the timing is perfect!

I can't tell you how I stumbled across One Little Word last January. It was completely random and I think quite literally in the middle of the night. At any rate, all I can say is that I'm so glad I did.

I'm putting my finishing touches still on my 2012 OLW project and will post some pictures of the final project when I do. I focused on the word Peace throughout the year and the process was amazing. The word meant so many different things to me as I transitioned from grieving to expecting a baby to mothering one. Being able to meditate on that creatively was a no small part of how I made it through.

I love the OLW process because I am so verbal and focusing on a word for a whole year just clicks with me. I love that there is a photography component because I am always looking to challenge myself that way. And the scrapbooking and creative play involved were secondary, but they were one of the best parts for me last year. I found a stress-free way to be creative, a way to not put pressure on myself to be perfect, peace indeed.

And, as with last year, my word for 2013 came to me with a whisper. Cultivate. My life is moving forward beautifully, and at an amazing pace. I want to actively create the world I'm living in. I want to nurture both my own life and make sure I am doing the best I can for my family.

My 2012 word will always be with me, but I am so looking forward to the adventure of 2013 and cultivating a good and happy life.

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