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Love the One You're With (or Getting Back on Track)

I've been waiting for the time to start a formal challenge or project to serve my goals of simplifying and improving my life. But I also realized that in waiting for the right time, I'm breaking one of my favorite happiness rules - letting the perfect get in the way of the good (thanks Gretchen Rubin). So I figured I'd jump right in and memorialize one way that I am trying to simplify my life these days (this post was started way before January 1, so the date is not significant in any way on this).

We are focused once again (or maybe just more now than before) on being more frugal and on accumulating and storing less stuff in our lives, largely in part to the arrival of our baby boy this past October. It takes astronomical day care costs and a houseful of Christmas presents from grandparents (I bought him one thing and it ended up being a duplicate anyway) to really clarify your goals.

And so, I'm focusing on using what I have, and only having what I love (a lot of these things seem to come from The Happiness Project. GR is a smart lady and she tends to say what I'm thinking a lot of the time. Her books have been formative as I get back on track.). This week, I'm focusing on getting organized in the kitchen: meal planning around the pantry and freezer items we already have and then organizing myself better so that we have more ready to go in the freezer instead of random bits and pieces that I am unmotivated to handle.

I'm also committing to a lot more creativity and fun this year. And writing more. I'm going to do a lot of that here. My quest for white space is about making more out of less in my home and with my budget, but also in other areas. I'm challenging myself to write, to make art, to focus on memory-keeping for our family and to be more actively engaged in creating the environment and life that I want. A lot of that is visual for me, but white space is also about the relationship of objects to each other in space, and so I'm also going to use this blog to write more about relationships and family, particularly the experience of raising my little one in the midst of all of these other things I want to do.

2013, here I come!

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