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Small Triumphs and One Big Lesson: Day 1

In her Crazy Sexy Diet 21 day cleanse, Kris Carr gives you a little something to focus on for each of the 21 days. In all of her wisdom, she started us off with a reminder to focus not on what went wrong or how hard it all is, but rather to focus on what we did right and the positive awesome things that are going on instead. It's a lesson not just for a detox, but, of course, for life.

I expected to have a terrible day.  I wanted to give up.  I came really obscenely close to grabbing a packet of peanut M&Ms from the candy bowl at work.

Amazingly enough, I kept reminding myself that I already made it through two meals.  That I started off with a green juice (even if it was store-bought until my fridge was more smoothie ready and my juicer arrived). I consumed no meat, coffee (some green tea to be fair), kept dairy to the tiniest ingredient in a casserole that needed to be finished up and only succumbed to gluten when I found myself unprepared for a 3pm snack.

Rather than focus on the lapse of planning that found me standing ravenous in the convenience store in my work building, I can be proud that I chose hummus, pretzels and apple juice over processed snack chips, candy bars and other delights that I would normally choose.

For Day 1, I'm feeling pretty good about what I accomplished and I plan to zero in on my planning and make bigger strides each day.

Breakfast: Green juice (store bought)
Lunch: Miso soup with vegetables, cucumber-avocado roll
Snack: Hummus, pretzels and apple juice
Dinner: Butternut squash, apple and leek casserole

Now off to get most of the 8 hours I've promised myself!

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