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Beating the Monday Blues

It's only 9:11am as I write this, but I am having a great day.  Taking a couple of minutes while negotiating the crowded streets of mid-town Manhattan, I contemplated what was allowing me to face the crowds with a smile on my face.  I came up with four quick little things that are part of my Sunday-to-Monday routine (or have now earned a spot on that list. Here's my key to a fresh start to the week:

  • Fresh sheets on Sunday night. This is invaluable to my transition for the week.  There is nothing I love more than sliding into a freshly made bed. It makes Sunday night feel indulgent rather than dreaadful.
  • A light easy workout Monday morning. I'm training for a 5K race and Monday is my easy run day.  A slow two-mile run gives me just enough energy to get going and start the day off right.
  • Get things done. Monday morning is when I do a quick clean-up around the house - dust, vaccuum, trash out, change towels and start laundry.  Just getting a handful of quick things done before I start my day gives me tons of energy.
  • Laugh. This morning, I listened to NPR's Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me while in the subway. Starting off the commute with laughter put me in a fantastic mood that will hopefully last all day. 

The day is shaping up to be busy and stressful, but I'm hanging on to my exciting Sunday-to-Monday routine happiness to get through the day.

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