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Simplifying Around the House: 6-10

6. Get rid of excessive décor.
7. Digitize your music. 
8. Download movies instead of renting DVDs. 
9. Put items away immediately after use. 
10. Have a place for everything. 

6. Guilty as charged.  I've been making an effort to pack away excessive decor, both to make cleaning less of a pain (as miss minimalist suggests in her list) and to, of course, just have less stuff.  The apartment is currently most overrun with un-hung frames.  We've talked about painting forever (over three years, to be truthful) and always figured we'd wait until that was done to hang our pictures.  At this point, I'd rather deal with painting over nails or re-doing things once we get around to painting, so I really want to get these pictures up off the floor.  And if they're not hang-able, I think I am ready to start purging some of the pictures I've been holding onto for no reason. 

7. I pretty much buy everything on iTunes if I'm going to buy music.  However, I do have a stack of CDs that take up a good chunk of space and I would benefit from putting those in my CD books. It would be great to ultimately have only my mp3 collection, but I'm not yet willing to purchase digital copies of things that I have on CD, so I'll keep those for backup. 

8. Our main source of movies is Netflix and we use the streaming function quite a lot.  It's not practical to use it exclusively, but I am confident that we have this one under control.  It does occur to me, however, that our DVDs could also be put into a book (which we've discussed a number of times) and that would clear up a space on the shelf. On the action list, putting those DVDs into a book to make more space. 

9&10. Aren't these the big hot button issues for a lot of us dealing with clutter? Right now, we definitely have more stuff than places for the stuff and I'm not always so hot at getting things back into a place.  Getting a place for everything is really the end goal, but I'm going to put it down as an action item because it is something I want to be reminded of frequently.  When I use something, I want to make sure it has a place and that the place makes sense.  For example, A has been using the kitchen for the past two weeks or so and has identified some great ways to make things less cluttered and more efficient (the result is that the pantry closet is more cluttered, but that project is coming.).  

Action Items: 
1. Hang up pictures on walls.  
2. Donate or dispose of pictures we don't love anymore. 
3. Put all CDs into CD books. 
4. Put all DVDs into DVD books.
5. Have a place for everything. 

Simplifying Around the House: 11-15

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