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Simplifying Around the House: 11-15

11. Clean as you go. 
12. Devise a cleaning routine. 
13. Do laundry in large batches, instead of small ones. 
14. Buy enough socks and underwear to make it through a full laundry cycle, to avoid doing small “emergency” loads.
15. Wash towels less often. 

11.  Ah, clean as you go.  Or as I learned both from my mother and from watching anyone who is really on top of things in a kitchen, ABC - Always Be Cleaning.  I go through fits and starts with this one, but I can't remind myself enough that it really is essential for simpler everything.  There is invariably down time when cooking and instead of hopping over to the television (which I can see from the kitchen), I'm working on getting dishes in the dishwasher or looking at clutter next to the stove.  

I'm also trying to apply this one to all projects which can be done pretty easily with some time management basics.  I tend to multi-task which really means bouncing around from one project to another and then back, since it's really not possible to do two things at once.  At least not completely.  I'm trying to focus on one project at a time which should allow me to tidy up that space (both mentally and physically) before I move on to the next task. 

12. I've tried a lot of cleaning routines, which generally means making a bunch of lists and putting them on different  types of paper (or wipe boards or computer programs or websites).  The best system that I have found is through the Flylady.  She has developed a whole system of basic routines that get you from total chaos to a cleaning machine.  It has taken me years to even get part of the system down, but it has been helpful at least for weekly cleaning.  I'm working on the daily routines which include cleaning as you go (see #11 - it really is the way to go, I guess!) and planning ahead.  

13. Thanks to the Flylady (see #12 - they're all related!) I do have a good laundry routine.  Once a week, I gather everything up and start up the laundry.  It sometimes takes two days to get through it depending on my work schedule, but as long as I keep remembering to shift loads as soon as I am home, it gets done.  

14. Done.  We have plenty of socks and underwear around here.  In fact, this is one of the things I'm always trying to whittle down since *someone* in my house has overflowing drawers.  

15. This one always shocks me.  I'm sure there are those of you out there who wash towels daily.  Or at least get new ones daily.  This definitely hampers simplicity in a lot of ways and is terrible for the environment.  We're on a weekly schedule which works perfectly in our house. 

Action Items: 
1. Work on daily cleaning routines. 

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