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Simplifying Around the House: 1-5

The first five items on miss minimalist's list are:
1. Ditch the TV (or at least turn if off). 
2. Cancel magazine subscriptions. 
3. Read news online, instead of on paper. 
4. Get rid of excessive furniture.
5. Opt for multi-functional furniture.

1. As for TV, we're getting very close.  We decided some time ago to get rid of cable and switch to using Hulu Plus and Netflix for our viewing needs.  This saves us money and limits the shows that we can get sucked into (especially since it means no more Bravo...at all! That will be the hardest part for me).  This past week or so, we've hardly turned on the TV and haven't used the cable at all, so now it's just a formality. 

2. I do have a magazine addiction.  I get loads of magazines, especially food-related.  Not too long ago, though, I went through and canceled those that I really didn't need or read as often.  A few of them got canceled right after that sneaky auto-renew, so I'll see the fruit of this slowly over time.  I am getting very good at reading the magazines as they come in and tearing out the few articles or recipes I'd like to hold onto for awhile.  

3. I already read news online, so that's one I don't have to worry about! 

4. Excessive furniture.  Grrrr.  This one hits a bit of a sore spot, mainly because we definitely do have excessive furniture and I've been trying to get things out of the house for quite some time.  My husband is not as amenable to this.  Part of the problem, though, is extra stuff that the extra furniture does help store or organize or keep hidden.  So I'd like to figure out which furniture is really extraneous, what it is used for at the moment and how better to organize that stuff so that we can get rid of those items. We also have two desks, but we each use our own spaces, so we might have to figure out a more minimalist approach here since they do take up quite a bit of space. 

5. We do have room for some multi-functional furniture or at least could use more items that double as storage space.  Since I'm more focused on reducing stuff and reducing furniture items, I'm more likely to keep this one as a requirement for any new items that are brought in or any solutions that we devise to address stuff. 

I realize that as I go through this list, I am identifying quite a few aspirations which is great. I know where I need to go.  I'm going to compile these things into an action list that I'll keep accessible and keep moving forward.  Soon enough I'll have my own list of 100 things (give or take). 

Action Items: 
1. Cancel cable. 
2. Make official system for collecting magazine tear-outs: 

  • Non-recipe article binder
  • Recipe binder - add tabs, continue to add recipes, use to plan menus
3. Identify items being stored/organized/hidden by excess furniture pieces.  (Guest bedroom, bedroom) Sort/purge those items and re-organize. 
4. Consider consolidation of desk spaces in office and living room. 

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