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Moving Forward: 100 Things

The radio silence hasn't meant that this isn't at the forefront of my mind.  I got distracted and then got a new job and then it became summer and now I'm actually recuperating at home without the ability to do much physical simplifying. But I'm back on the blogging wagon due to encouragement from a friend and a blog post that gave me some food for thought and a bit of a road map.

I was catching up on my usual blogs (I think that list needs to be simplified too...exhausting to keep up with all the new blogosphere content out there!) and found a post on miss minimalist which detailed her 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Make You Happier).  It felt a bit overwhelming, but as I started going through the list, a lot of the items are on my actual action list or are things I have considered.  I'm going to tackle the list 5 items at a time (no less than one set per week) and write about what we are doing in those areas.  As she notes, I realize that not all of the things will be for us and I don't intend to make changes that don't fit our life, but I look forward to thinking about those things and using them to write more regularly.

I am running low on laptop power, so the first 5 will come later.  But not too much later - the first item is giving up cable and we've pretty much done that this past week.  I have so much time!

Simplifying Around the House: 1-5

Getting Back on the Horse