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Seeking Simplicity

2010 has already been an eventful year.  I find myself in a completely different place than I thought I would be just a few months ago and I'm scouring the horizon for landmarks to figure out where exactly it is that I'm headed.

Instead of heading for new lands, though, I'm trying to unearth the projects that have fallen by the wayside over the past ten years.  I'm turning back and finding out what is still important to me and what needs more of a push to get me where I'm looking to go.

One destination that I've been seeking throughout my life is the fabled Land of Simplicity.  A simple life to me is one that is stripped bare of unnecessary extras, whether that's extra clutter (a serious issue in this girl's life) or extra emotional baggage or insincere personal affects.

Now that I've been given the gift of time along with the need to actually simplify my material world, it's time to take this journey more seriously.  I'm starting this week with physical clutter and getting my head in the right place.  From there, we'll see where this trip takes me!

Getting Back on the Horse