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Getting Back on the Horse

In my previous trips down the road to simplicity, I collected books and ideas and other resources.  I'm taking a moment today to locate these things and casually peruse them.  The two books that jumped out of the bookshelf this morning are The Joy of Simple Living and Simplicity Lessons, and so I'll start there.  As much as I like to think I keep these principles somewhere in my everyday life, I realize that I have gotten very caught up in a complicated life over the past couple years. 

The other place I'm starting this week is physical clutter.  This is a constant battle in my house and I've tried all sorts of systems and pep talks and oaths.  Without worrying too much about previous failed attempts, I'm going to start again today.  One frugal/simple living blog that I follow, the Money Saving Mom, is doing a Clear Out the Clutter Challenge and so I'm going to follow along and see how far I can get. 

Moving Forward: 100 Things

Seeking Simplicity